The original army men were actually produced in metal prior to when lead toy production was stopped in 1942. For many Americans, playing with army men was almost a rite of passage. While these toys encourage a variety of creative types of play, critics accused them of advocating gun violence and militarism. This accusation led to my vision.

With so much misrepresentation of the black community and the vicious cycle the justice system has created for the impoverished, we wanted to take a strong stance in a sort of silent protest. Our Army Men stand strong and proud. They carry no guns and are a tribute to a community that has come from so little to create opportunities that have led to so much.

I recently had a Kickstarter to get these figurines produced. Even though it was unsuccessful, it did stir a lot of buzz from various sources like Mic. and Colorlines. I also got a lot of support from people when it didn't achieve its goal. I will keep on trying to get them produced, because I feel like this kind of representation is now needed more than ever.